Children Growing up in the Spiritual World

After a long illness, a ten-year-old girl named Monika entered the spiritual world. In the beginning, she had difficulties adjusting to the conditions in the new world and longed for her parents who had cared for her so affectionately. Eventually she found a new home in a foster family with five other children. Among the children there were two each who spoke English, French and German. Thus Monika learned these languages in the family and also attended spiritual schools where she studied the same subjects as did children on earth. For all children who die at an early age, the divine world wishes to promote their spiritual ascent. Spiritual-world-2-2013

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The Reformation must go on

The amount of damage done to Christian teaching by the pagan emperors of Rome is hard to imagine, but the reformation gives an idea of how bad. Christianity has become so fragmented with various amounts of original teachings and dogma in each of the sects which emerged from the reformation. Obviously, they all cannot be correct, so the reformation must continue with the help of the Teachers promised by Jesus. The story of its fragmentation is in my trilogy Torn Between Two Worlds.

A study of Origen will quickly show you how modern Christianity has become so confused, because people fail to recognize the three layers of meaning in scripture. Specifically, the spiritual meaning is lost in a material world and sometimes the moral meaning too. Let’s look at some examples of this difficulty. Jesus spent three days in Cana at the wedding where He performed His first miracle. After this, John says He went down to Capernaum, but Capernaum’s elevation is much higher than that of Cana. In addition, John says he did not stay long. Compare this to the time when He must go to Samaria and does not even enter the city. He stays by the well and talks to those who come out of the city.

Origen taught about the deeper spiritual meaning in John’s work. Whenever Jesus spent more time with people meant that He was closer to them spiritually. The people in Cana were family and they understood the deeper meaning of His teachings, it was complete, thus three days. Three comes up several times in John and it is a number defining completeness. Shorter periods of time thus signify further from Jesus. Samaria was a pagan city, so His teaching did not penetrate the city. People had to escape the city to receive Jesus. Altitude has a different meaning for John than purely material one. In going down to Capernaum, Jesus had to step down to them spiritually and they could not comprehend His teaching. The same problem still exits.

Rhetoric in modern Christianity

In my book, Torn Between Two Worlds: Wisdom and Rhetoric, I named three of the most harmful doctrines in Christianity, but refrained from discussing the grace dogma. It is something that I at first dismissed as one of the top three failures of Christianity, but I might have to reconsider it.

Grace dogma says that there is nothing that you can do to earn your way into the Kingdom of God, you need only to believe in Jesus before you die. It is only through God’s Grace, that we are allowed into heaven. As with other dogma, great lengths are used to reinforce this claim. When all we should do is look at the direct words to Jesus to see this is not true. The first case is when Jesus told Nicodemus, a Pharisee (John 3:1-21) that he must be born again. He goes on to say that we stop doing wrong and start doing good to move out of darkness into the light. He says specifically that we must work to move into the light before we become spiritual or of the spirit.

Secondly, Jesus clarifies some of the Old Testament laws, making them more apparent. He says that is not enough to just not kill, but you must reconcile all with your brother, repaying everything to the last farthing before becoming free. (Matt 5:21-26) Jesus spoke in parable and when you understand he was speaking to simple people who could not comprehend His Kingdom, you can see how His simple stories tells what Origen later explains in his simple excellence.

A corollary to the grace dogma says that Jesus died for all our sins, past present and future. The first time I heard this I could not believe it. This is where the paradoxes that make Christianity laughable come from. It says that billions of people, who have no access to Christian teaching, have no chance to go Heaven, but a mass murderer who repents in the electric chair can!

What is the harm in this dogma? It removes any personal responsibility for sin and therefore, creates no incentive to follow the footsteps of Jesus. It makes the religion unpalatable to reasonable people and gives non-Christians yet another illogical teaching to attack. Jesus said that he came to save the sinners and Origen taught that this process is an unperceivably slow reconciliation that lasts lifetimes. What Origen describes is exactly what Darwin observed in nature. The paleontological record shows a slow specialization and beatification of nature with more cooperation and symbioses. The God who created the nature, did not create the version of Christianity we live with today which is giving power to the right extremists.

The true good news which Jesus brought is that He died for all the Fallen, opened the gate to Heaven and will rejoice when the prodigal son (Lucifer) will finally come home. This is God’s Grace, fore we and Lucifer do not deserve to come home. But He did not say it was a free ride, He ends Matthew 5 telling us “But you are to be perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect.” This work we must do in addition to God’s Grace.

Steven Fry on God – He raises good points.

This popular video of Steven Fry talking about God exemplifies how modern religion is failing to provide us with a reasonable understanding of God and His creation. Specifically, if a religion cannot answer the simple questions posed in this video, then they should rethink their purpose and message. The internet provides answers to nearly anything, except for the ones man has sought spiritual teachers for; like – Where do we come from? Where do we go after death? Why does God permit so much suffering? The answers to these questions exist for those who look, even on the internet. Start your search with GL Zurich.

Indigo Children – A Spiritual View

Indigo is associated with a level of non-material spiritual development pursued by various cultures, notably the Tibetan Buddhism pursuit of the Rainbow body. {1} Indigo is the color of the sixth chakraAjna in the Hindu tradition, which is associated with clairvoyance. In most eastern spiritual cultures, indigo is associated with one of the highest achievable level of spiritual development. So from this protective, to be born an indigo child is to be born with the characteristics described by within these cultures, which are often foreign concepts to westerners.

  • Virtuous – modest, loving, caring, generous, selfless, just
  • Offeneded by lack of virtue – misuse of power, injustice, conflict, etc.
  • Clairvoyance – knowledge and wisdom beyond their years

From the work of Ian Stevenson on Children’s Past Lives we see that children raised in an unsupportive environment lose this innate gift through self protection. {2} They hide their abilities when they find that they are not understood by parents and peers. Indigo children raised in a supportive and understanding environment grow to be amazing people, but their innate virtue means they are not widely recognized in society. {3}


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’twas the night before Christmas – a modern view

The coming of the Messiah had been proclaimed since the beginning of the world. By the time the Earth had cooled, the Plan of Restoration was already laid out. Angels brought this message to the depths of Hell, giving hope to the legions of imprisoned fallen angels (us). The exact coming of the Messiah was unclear. God did not want Lucifer to stop it so this secret was kept safe in the highest reaches of Heaven until the day it was revealed to Mary, and then to the shepherds. The biblical Christmas reveals other parts of His Plan, and put in modern terms are listed below.

Wiseman = Scientist

The Ionian Greeks maintained the original Old Testament writing of King Solomon through Homer, Euclid, Pythagoras, Socrates and further to Origen of Alexandria’s Hexapla. The Ionian Greeks became the first Christians because of their holistic scientific/spiritual education. This gave them a unique understanding of the references of the coming Messiah. They were preparing for the Word of God (Logos) and the Love of God (Eros) to come. The wisemen from the East came to verify Jesus’ birth and bring this back their colleagues.

Shepherd = Public Relations Department

A shepherd ’s job is to protect the flock and this means two things: 1) They have a solitary life, far away from material distractions. 2) They know intimately their flock, their pastures and the starry night. Angels are very subtle, so a shepherd gives them the best chance to get their attention and receive their message. They also have a wide network (of customers) to spread the message.

Kings = Venture Capitalist

Jesus’ plan could not have been completed without the proper funding, giving him the freedom to travel and teach. The Kings were inspired to bring gifts to Jesus for this purpose.

Enjoy your celebration of the start of Jesus’ mission on Earth.

Merry Christmas

Silent Night

As Christmas nears, I am reminded of the problems of translations every day on the radio. The classic song, Stille Nacht was written in memory of Jesus’ entry into this world by Josef Mohr and it is beautiful in its original language, free of dogma like similar inspired works. The english translation by John Freeman Young diverges much more from the meaning of the original than cannot be explained by poetic license. Below are the German and English versions side by side, with a literal translation of the German to show the main areas where the original author’s meaning was changed. Using the technique pioneered by Origen of Alexandria, I have prepared a  phrase-by-phrase comparison of the two versions and highlighted the diversions in meaning in yellow. The variations come out of three areas of church dogma:

  • Mary is the mother of God – This comes from the logic error that the church was caught in. When the church elevated Jesus to being an appearance of God on Earth, this made Mary the mother of God. This meant that Mary could not have been a normal young mother and that Jesus could not have had any brother and sisters, or a normal childhood. The author of the song says that Jesus was born to a married couple. From Origen’s teachings we know that Jesus was conceived as every other human is by Mary and Joseph. Mary was an Angel sent to earth to become Jesus’ mother, just like all the other Prophets. In this way she is a spiritual virgin, in that she is free from any sin, besides not having had any children yet. Joseph was the father of Jesus’ human body, but His spirit that was incarnated in this body was created by God. Origen teaches us to separate the physical, moral and spiritual messages of the bible in order to understand its full meaning. Church dogma has made this a very difficult task.
  • The Holy Spirit – The author refers to multiple Angels in the song, yet the translator seems to have limited their involvement. The trinity dogma created a singular holy spirit to communicate with us and does not recognize the legions of Angels that protect, teach and influence us. The author says that Angels were singing both near and far, not just in Heaven. There were a great number of Angels from the legions of Michael, Gabriel and Raphael who came with Jesus to protect and to serve him. We once belonged to these legions and when we return we keep our individuality. The creation of The Holy Spirit in the trinity dogma stole the individuality from us all.
  • Jesus died for all our sins, past and future through redeeming grace – Origen taught that the King of Heaven entered human form and lived a normal life, exposed to the temptations of the king of this world, Lucifer. He resisted all temptation and remained true to His Father, so upon His death, He earned the right to enter Lucifer’s domain in Hell and their two armies fought. Jesus was victorious over Lucifer when Lucifer conceded defeat in order to save his own life. This is when Jesus passed Final Judgement over Lucifer (Death). This new set of laws, restricts Lucifer in that he no longer 100% domain over Earth, but now must share it with Heaven’s Angels who can exert their influence on humanity. The Final Judgement set out the laws that will be effective until the end of the world and every fallen soul is returned to Heaven after repaying our debts. God’s Grace exists, but it takes more than just believing in Jesus as the King of Heaven for us to return to our rightful place in Heaven. This takes many lifetimes and many incarnations on Earth.

We are all fallen angels and our King came from Heaven in order to free us from our prison. Christmas, for the spiritual Christian, is the light at the end of a very long tunnel and the beginning of a new era when we can finally work our way back to our rightful place in Heaven. Men of good will recognize this and take up the battle over evil in this world to earn our way home.

Jesus was born on 1 December 7 BC

The King of Heaven entered the material world on 1 December 7 BC, based on a scientific approach to the evidence of His birth using the following sources.

  • Herod ruled from 33 to 4 BC.
  • Sentius Saturnius was the mayor of Judea from 9 to 6 BC.
  • Emperor Augustus ran a census in 8 BC to for tax purposes.
  • In 7 BC, the conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Saturn forming a rare star.

It was Constantine that we have to thank for much of the dogma that has clouded early Christian history and teaching. He was the first of two pagan Emperors who bent Christian teaching to meet their political objectives, bringing so much confusion into Christianity and so much death in the name of god. The gods that Constantine served were the three demonic gods that powerful earthly rulers have served since the beginning of times on earth: the three fallen archangels – Lucifer, Aholah and Aholibah. Known to the Egyptians as Amun, Horus and Hathor or to the Romans as Neptune, Venus and Minerva.

Constantine is known for expanding the reach of Christianity in most history books, but to the enlightened historians, like Jacob Burckhardt, he was just a brilliant politician that saw the potential of the Christian belief as a means to control the masses. In order to make Christianity palatable to the pagan masses, he did two things that still haunt us today.

  • Instead of celebrating Christmas at the beginning of the month of December, he moved the celebration to be coincidental to the pagan winter solstice celebration dedicated to sol invictus, the Roman sun god that steals his light from Jesus – Satan.
  • Constantine embraced the concept of the trinity, as he was used to as a pagan serving three gods. This allowed him to grow the ranks of the faithful by converting pagans to Christians; without forcing them to give up their beliefs.

These topics are hotly contested and deserve consideration. But the enlightened Christian doesn’t need to become a biblical scholar to realize that the materialistic Christmas of today does not justly praise the King of Heaven’s mission to save the Fallen, conquer Death (Lucifer) and open the Gates of Heaven so we can all return to our rightful place in Heaven.

Peace on Earth to men of good will!
Ref: Museion 2000 6/1993

Two worlds, two beginnings.

There cannot be two beginnings, so what do they represent and why are they so different? The one in the Old Testament speaks of a time where there is both darkness and light. The beginning in the New Testament is one of just light – no darkness.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was [a divine being]. (John 1:1 – Zwingli translation)

When reading the bible, Origen taught us to look for the spiritual meaning and separate it from the physical meaning. John’s Gospel is so much different from the other three because John wrote the spiritual meaning of Jesus’s teaching. John was Jesus’s favorite because he was the one apostle closest to Jesus spiritually and understood His spiritual references the best. Remember, Jesus only revealed Heaven to John because He felt him worthy and also enlightened enough to understand His revelations. The beginning that John speaks of happened so long ago – long before the big bang was needed. It was the time when God decided to populate Heaven and He created His Only Son to be the King of His Creation.

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. (Genesis 1:1)

The “beginning” in Genesis is the beginning of the reconciliation to God, after the Fall from grace and the expulsion of 1/3 the angels from Heaven. This was one of the many terrible images revealed to John. (Rev 12:4) Origen teaches of an unperceivably slow reconciliation of all things to God. To comprehend how slow this process is, we can look to science. God created the first opportunity for reconciliation in the spiritual world; a place called Eden in Paradise. (The same place where Jesus went after His death on the cross.) When Adam and Eve failed to remain true to Jesus (the tree of life) and again fell under the influence of Lucifer (the tree of the knowledge of good and evil), a new path needed to be created. In order to achieve the new plan, a physical world needed to be created where Adam and Eve started again to reconcile with God.

Therefore the Lord God sent him forth from the garden of Eden, to till the ground from whence he was taken. (Genesis 3:23)

The story of our reconciliation with God did not even require a new paragraph for the 13.7 billion years it took for God to create the ground for Adam to till. This gives us an idea to the monumental task that God set out upon in order to restore us, His children, to our original state of perfection. The remaining 2/3 of Heaven has worked tirelessly to bring all the Fallen home. Many have been incarnated in a human/physical body to prepare for the coming of the King Himself. In the Old Testament, these Angels sent to teach were called Prophets and Jesus called those who came after Him the Spirit of Truth.

We live in the shadows of the Spiritual World, far away from God where we have no memory from where we came. Why? So that we can prove our loyalty again to our King, Jesus. This requires faith and loyalty. Science can give us evidence of God, but never proof. Although a scientific approach to studying the bible and teachings from other spiritual sources is needed to separate God’s Word from doctrine or man’s word.

So what evidence does science provide for the construct above?

Science provides us evidence that each of us is a citizen of two worlds. We have a physical body that serves us for a limited time and a spiritual body with the same form that is immortal, transcending life. The best evidence comes from the works done on reincarnation, past lives and out of body experiences showing how the intellect and character transcends the physical body.

The big bang theory is widely accepted, but there are still significant questions.

The two world model presented by Jesus and reinforced by Origen of Alexandria resolves these big bang questions well. If the material world was created by God from the spiritual world, it would resemble the big bang described by science. And, since the universe is essential an open system, open to beings and energy from the spiritual world, it would be expanding at an accelerating rate with a continuous flow of God’s energy. So-called dark energy is simply God’s light flowing into the material world. Since the spiritual world already existed before the big bang, all the templates of life existed and Earth was populated with life as soon as it was ready to support it.

Easter Sunday

It is unfortunate that so many Christian cultures have forgotten the true meaning of this day. The day that Jesus claimed victory over Death (Lucifer) and passed Final Judgement upon him. He then rose out of hell and opened the Gates of Heaven so that all of us now have a path back to the place where we were created in His image – the birth place of our spiritual bodies. I rejoice in the memory of the victory of death that Jesus brought to us all on this day!


Palm Sunday

I wanted to share the comments of Origen of Alexandria on John’s description of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. He is described as riding on both a colt and an ass. Origen uses his vast knowledge of the Old Testament to unlock the deep spiritual meaning that John has hidden in his description. This is a good example of how Origen uses logic to separate the literal, moral and spiritual meaning in the bible. He shows that it is not possible to ride two animals simultaneously and comes to the conclusion that there must be a spiritual meaning to this symbol. I find his picture of Palm Sunday inspiring: Jesus entering our soul (Jerusalem) on the back of His Word (a young, unburdened colt) and on the apostle’s explanations of the Old Testament (loosening the restrains on a beast of burden).

Ancient places of worship

I was asked the following question recently: “With the similarities that exist between the various temples of the earth, was there an extraterrestrial guide that helped to build them?” My answer has multiple parts to it, but the short answer is yes. I believe that certain cultures have been guided by the same extra extraterrestrial forces, albeit not from outer space, but the spiritual realm.  In modern times we often do not think about the original purpose of the various temples that were built, or to which spiritual entity they were built. The first step in the investigation needs to be a determination of the contract that was entered into, and with whom. Then after that we need to understand the mechanics of spiritual communications.

It helps to have a framework for this investigation. When my daughter started studying history in her first year of high school, I was reminded of a quote from Jacob Burckhardt “When we make a close study of history, we find that man has not learned from studying history.” So I attempted to create a framework in which she and her school could approach history based on Burckhardt’s work and I published a recommendation for a paper called “A return to the high ethic of the Ionian Ideal”. Based of Burckhardt’s recommendation, I added comparative ethics to the study of history, which does not accept Roman slavery practices as “common practice for that era” for example.

Using this framework helps to determine the type and orientation of the spiritual entity that these structures were built for; on a scale from base to benevolent. The period that I covered in my paper was one during which Athens went from a benevolent society to a pagan society. The period of benevolence ended with the death of Socrates and the fall of democracy in the capital of Greece: Athens. When he refused to bring blood scarifies to the pagan gods of the pagan Athens, he was forced to commit suicide by the new ruling majority. The key question for me is: why would this enlightened man rather die than bring a blood sacrifice to the pagan gods? In addition, it is important to discover why blood is so important. Blood is a powerful source of odic force, the energy needed to establish communications with the spiritual world. Socrates knew that benevolent beings have their own source of odic force which they can use to manifest themselves or communicate through a medium, and the only reason to use blood was to communicate with base beings. He was honored to be taught by the Muses[1] (benevolent) and knew to avoid being misled by the Nymphs (base).

The activities at the oracles of Delphi are well documented but again are hard for the modern man to understand. There are modern reference of similar practices that help to understand the process of spiritual communication. Johannes Greber’s book, “Communications with the spiritual world of God”, has a major section dedicated to the discussion of mediums, as do other sources. The only point that I wanted to make was to understand the reason for this communication. I will start by saying that a number of cultures have decided to prohibit all types of communication because the risk of being led astray is too high. This might be because there are many base entities anxious to gain control over people and use them for their own purposes. While there are only a few benevolent beings who are able to find enlightened groups willing to listen to their message, without a thirst for material gain.

[1] See Paton’s Symposium 201st. where Socrates refers to his teacher as Diotima of Mantineia which is word game pointing to the Chief of all Muses, Calliope.

I came across a website called ChristianAnswers and I was surprised at the biblical truth’s that this website is proclaiming. I contacted the editor a few times on specific items, but I wanted to reiterate them here. I know that these are common modern christian beliefs, but to proclaim them as biblical fact goes too far. If they just stated these comments as doctrine I would be happy. Here are three examples.

  1. The website says: “According to the Bible one cannot work their way to Heaven. Salvation is by faith alone – acceptance of God’s gift of salvation and reliance on Christ’s promise of what will happen after our earthly death. Jesus said, “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who hears My word and believes in Him who sent Me has everlasting life, and shall not come into judgment, but has passed from death into life” (John 5:24).”
    • First of all, passing from death into life is not the same as passing into everlasting life. Jesus talks much about death as being separation from God “Let the dead bury the dead.” (Matt 8:22). Just moving from death (separation form God) to life (belief in God) is not the same as entering everlasting life (re-entering the highest reaches of heaven).
    • Secondly Jesus says that only through him can we achieve everlasting life. This website thinks that belief in Jesus is enough, but does not require a Christ-like life in addition as Jesus shows us. He says that we have also repay our debts to the last farthing (Matt 5:26) and tells Nicodemus that a person who could not live a Christ-like life then needs to enter into a new life to achieve this. (John 3:4) It was not enough for Nicodemus at the end of his life to just believe in Jesus. He needed to be born again and live a better life.
    • Thirdly, the bible says that there is joy in heaven when a sinner repents (Luke 15:10), not that only repenting gives us everlasting life.
    • Finally, Jesus says that “everyone who sees the Son and believes in Him will have everlasting life” (John 6:40). But how can we see the Son without elevating ourselves to His level? In order to see the Son we need to walk in His footsteps, and thus must fill ourselves with virtue. So for me, the bible (Jesus) does say that we need to work on ourselves to achieve heaven, besides relying on the Grace of God.
  2. This site also says “The LDS Church does not accept the biblical idea that Christ’s blood was shed on the cross to wash away our sins – present, past and future.” I can find no evidence in the teaching of Jesus or Origen to support this claim.
    • On the contrary, Jesus says that we need to repay our debts to the last farthing. (Matt 5:26)
    • Jesus’ act of redemption opened the gates to heaven to allow those who have earned the right to return to heaven, but we are all expected to follow the Law plus his new law: love thy neighbor.
    • Jesus did forgive sin, but he also told them to sin no more. (John 5:14, 8:11) He never said our future sins are also forgiven.
  3. This website offers a very weak explanation of the common question “Is God biased? Is it fair to save only some?”. Without accepting the gift of reincarnation, there is no logical explanation of God’s fairness in the bible. This website shows how difficult it is to show how it is possible for the 7+ billion souls on this earth to learn the teachings of Jesus and accept him as their savior in one lifetime.  Only multiple lifetimes on earth could allow all souls to have a fair chance to learn of Jesus and accept him.

The Gift of Reincarnation

The Gift of Reincarnation is at the basis of Origenes’ “Restoration of All Things” teaching, in which all of the Fallen will eventually return to their rightful place in Heaven. The “End of the World” only comes after all of the fallen souls have been restored.

Evidence from the scientific community has been complied by Dr. Ian Stevenson and is now gaining acceptance as a real possibility among the scientific community.  

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