Indigo Children – A Spiritual View

Indigo is associated with a level of non-material spiritual development pursued by various cultures, notably the Tibetan Buddhism pursuit of the Rainbow body. {1} Indigo is the color of the sixth chakraAjna in the Hindu tradition, which is associated with clairvoyance. In most eastern spiritual cultures, indigo is associated with one of the highest achievable level of spiritual development. So from this protective, to be born an indigo child is to be born with the characteristics described by within these cultures, which are often foreign concepts to westerners.

  • Virtuous – modest, loving, caring, generous, selfless, just
  • Offeneded by lack of virtue – misuse of power, injustice, conflict, etc.
  • Clairvoyance – knowledge and wisdom beyond their years

From the work of Ian Stevenson on Children’s Past Lives we see that children raised in an unsupportive environment lose this innate gift through self protection. {2} They hide their abilities when they find that they are not understood by parents and peers. Indigo children raised in a supportive and understanding environment grow to be amazing people, but their innate virtue means they are not widely recognized in society. {3}


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