Comforters, Teachers and Spirits of Truth

Jesus promised that His Word would never die, and knowing what happened to the prophets that came before Him, He knew the effort needed to keep it alive. Jesus also knew that He was unable to make his apostles understand Heaven and His Father in the three short years that He taught. So, Jesus promised to send the Comforters, Teachers and Spirits of Truth (John 14:17 15:26 16:13) to finish the jobs of explaining the Word and keeping the Word alive. He had delivered the important message that He was the Son of God and He demonstrated this to them.

In the second century AD a Teacher appeared named Origen of Alexandria. He did exactly what Jesus had promised. He painstakingly explained the New and Old Testaments in terms understandable for all. He was the most prolific biblical scholar that ever lived and bridged Judaism, Platonism and Christianity with beautiful clarity. His work was destroyed by the dark force which threw the West into the dark ages. True to His promise, Jesus sent other Teachers: Zwingli, Calvin and Luther to keep His word alive and to reverse the paganist teachings introduced by the likes of Constantine and Justinian. A great darkness again came down upon the world resulting in two world wars. But true to His word, Jesus sent more Teachers and Comforters.

Johannes Greber, Reverend G. Vale Owen and Beatrice Brunner re-delivered the Word during these times and continued to correct the dogma that plagues Christianity, furthering the work that Jesus promised. In this modern time, few can accept the consequences of the Word, and therefore, unable to relish in the enormous consolation that Jesus’ original teaching brings for all of mankind. The story of its fragmentation is in my trilogy Torn Between Two Worlds.