Jesus was born on 1 December 7 BC

The King of Heaven entered the material world on 1 December 7 BC, based on a scientific approach to the evidence of His birth using the following sources.

  • Herod ruled from 33 to 4 BC.
  • Sentius Saturnius was the mayor of Judea from 9 to 6 BC.
  • Emperor Augustus ran a census in 8 BC to for tax purposes.
  • In 7 BC, the conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Saturn forming a rare star.

It was Constantine that we have to thank for much of the dogma that has clouded early Christian history and teaching. He was the first of two pagan Emperors who bent Christian teaching to meet their political objectives, bringing so much confusion into Christianity and so much death in the name of god. The gods that Constantine served were the three demonic gods that powerful earthly rulers have served since the beginning of times on earth: the three fallen archangels – Lucifer, Aholah and Aholibah. Known to the Egyptians as Amun, Horus and Hathor or to the Romans as Neptune, Venus and Minerva.

Constantine is known for expanding the reach of Christianity in most history books, but to the enlightened historians, like Jacob Burckhardt, he was just a brilliant politician that saw the potential of the Christian belief as a means to control the masses. In order to make Christianity palatable to the pagan masses, he did two things that still haunt us today.

  • Instead of celebrating Christmas at the beginning of the month of December, he moved the celebration to be coincidental to the pagan winter solstice celebration dedicated to sol invictus, the Roman sun god that steals his light from Jesus – Satan.
  • Constantine embraced the concept of the trinity, as he was used to as a pagan serving three gods. This allowed him to grow the ranks of the faithful by converting pagans to Christians; without forcing them to give up their beliefs.

These topics are hotly contested and deserve consideration. But the enlightened Christian doesn’t need to become a biblical scholar to realize that the materialistic Christmas of today does not justly praise the King of Heaven’s mission to save the Fallen, conquer Death (Lucifer) and open the Gates of Heaven so we can all return to our rightful place in Heaven.

Peace on Earth to men of good will!
Ref: Museion 2000 6/1993