’twas the night before Christmas – a modern view

The coming of the Messiah had been proclaimed since the beginning of the world. By the time the Earth had cooled, the Plan of Restoration was already laid out. Angels brought this message to the depths of Hell, giving hope to the legions of imprisoned fallen angels (us). The exact coming of the Messiah was unclear. God did not want Lucifer to stop it so this secret was kept safe in the highest reaches of Heaven until the day it was revealed to Mary, and then to the shepherds. The biblical Christmas reveals other parts of His Plan, and put in modern terms are listed below.

Wiseman = Scientist

The Ionian Greeks maintained the original Old Testament writing of King Solomon through Homer, Euclid, Pythagoras, Socrates and further to Origen of Alexandria’s Hexapla. The Ionian Greeks became the first Christians because of their holistic scientific/spiritual education. This gave them a unique understanding of the references of the coming Messiah. They were preparing for the Word of God (Logos) and the Love of God (Eros) to come. The wisemen from the East came to verify Jesus’ birth and bring this back their colleagues.

Shepherd = Public Relations Department

A shepherd ’s job is to protect the flock and this means two things: 1) They have a solitary life, far away from material distractions. 2) They know intimately their flock, their pastures and the starry night. Angels are very subtle, so a shepherd gives them the best chance to get their attention and receive their message. They also have a wide network (of customers) to spread the message.

Kings = Venture Capitalist

Jesus’ plan could not have been completed without the proper funding, giving him the freedom to travel and teach. The Kings were inspired to bring gifts to Jesus for this purpose.

Enjoy your celebration of the start of Jesus’ mission on Earth.

Merry Christmas