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Jesus was born on 1 December 7 BC

The King of Heaven entered the material world on 1 December 7 BC, based on a scientific approach to the evidence of His birth using the following sources.

  • Herod ruled from 33 to 4 BC.
  • Sentius Saturnius was the mayor of Judea from 9 to 6 BC.
  • Emperor Augustus ran a census in 8 BC to for tax purposes.
  • In 7 BC, the conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Saturn forming a rare star.

It was Constantine that we have to thank for much of the dogma that has clouded early Christian history and teaching. He was the first of two pagan Emperors who bent Christian teaching to meet their political objectives, bringing so much confusion into Christianity and so much death in the name of god. The gods that Constantine served were the three demonic gods that powerful earthly rulers have served since the beginning of times on earth: the three fallen archangels – Lucifer, Aholah and Aholibah. Known to the Egyptians as Amun, Horus and Hathor or to the Romans as Neptune, Venus and Minerva.

Constantine is known for expanding the reach of Christianity in most history books, but to the enlightened historians, like Jacob Burckhardt, he was just a brilliant politician that saw the potential of the Christian belief as a means to control the masses. In order to make Christianity palatable to the pagan masses, he did two things that still haunt us today.

  • Instead of celebrating Christmas at the beginning of the month of December, he moved the celebration to be coincidental to the pagan winter solstice celebration dedicated to sol invictus, the Roman sun god that steals his light from Jesus – Satan.
  • Constantine embraced the concept of the trinity, as he was used to as a pagan serving three gods. This allowed him to grow the ranks of the faithful by converting pagans to Christians; without forcing them to give up their beliefs.

These topics are hotly contested and deserve consideration. But the enlightened Christian doesn’t need to become a biblical scholar to realize that the materialistic Christmas of today does not justly praise the King of Heaven’s mission to save the Fallen, conquer Death (Lucifer) and open the Gates of Heaven so we can all return to our rightful place in Heaven.

Peace on Earth to men of good will!
Ref: Museion 2000 6/1993

Letter to the editor of

Dear Dave,
Thank you for getting back to me and for having a look at I also read the link you sent with interest and this may be a good place to start with the list of problems with your website. You seem to be discounting the value of original writing over the opinions of modern theologians and other modern witnesses. Your analysis does not take into account the impact of the Roman empire on the modern view.
Please read Nobel Laureate Erwin Schrödinger’s work “Nature and the Greeks” to understand this huge problem with our modern view. During his work on quantum theory, Schrödinger discovered a major flaw in modern science and traced this flaw back through time in order to discover its origin. Like Galileo before him, he went back to the founders of science and philosophy (Love of Wisdom). He found that the Roman empire had split knowledge into two categories: materialistic observable knowledge and belief (which they could control through doctrine). This transition from one single world view from the likes of Socrates and Euclid to the modern opposing views of science and religion was completed by the Emperor Justinian in 543 AD. Modern theologians who do not understand this impact are not qualified to speak on the validity of the bible.
Origen of Alexandria is a very important person in the history of Christianity becuase he fulfilled the promise of Jesus to send the teacher or the spirit of truth.

“I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. However, when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth; for He will not speak on His own authority, but whatever He hears He will speak; and He will tell you things to come.  He will glorify Me, for He will take of what is Mine and declare it to you. (John 16:12-14 NKJV)

Jesus only had time to teach for three years and the simple people that followed Him we unable to understand everything He wanted to teach them. So after His death He promised to continue sending prophets to teach and to keep His words Alive. Origen of Alexander did this for over 50 years. Read my article if you need to know more about his works. The teachings of Origen in the second and third century threatened the power of Rome so much that they made the core teaching blasphemy, giving the empire power over the immortal soul of its subjects.
Some of Origen’s original writings are still available to get a taste of his genius and understand the scientific approach he took toward the words of the Old and New testaments. But the most important teachings were lost and those books burned. But Jesus’ promise to keep His words alive has brought other prophets to remind us. The latest that I am aware of is Beatrice Brunner who taught for 35 years and all of these teaching are recorded and available to modern theologians and scientists to scrutinize.
Regardless of whether the teachings came from Jesus, Salomon, Socrates, Origen or Beatrice they all are one with God. Not to say that God personally appeared as prophets and as Jesus, but all of these divine spirits came to Earth with One Purpose: Bring the Fallen Home to Heaven.
Specifically on your website, I have the following comments to make. (I have provided to the link to your page in question.)
Either Jesus was who he claimed to be—God in the flesh—or his claims were false.
There are not only two choices. Jesus never said He was God, in fact He specifically says He is not the Father many times. Oneness requires separate personalities. After 1/3 of the angels (us) were cast out of Heaven, the remaining inhabitants (King, Archangels, Princes and all other angels) have been working with One Purpose – getting us back home to our perfect state. Jesus is the King of Heaven who came down from Heaven, took on human form, showed us how to live and conquered Death (Lucifer). He rose back into Heaven and opened the gates for us to be able to join Him once we have regained our perfection.
Origen recognizes three different meaning of the word the word dead. As in the time Jesus said, “Let the dead bury the dead.” How can an immortal soul be dead? Death is separation from the light or God. Lucifer is Death, but he is very much alive. Our physical bodies die, but our immortal spiritual bodies live on – either separate from God (still dead) or heading towards the light. Jesus’ resurrection was just proof of what happens everyday. Modern science has demonstrated resurrection and reincarnation, the incarnation of an immortal soul in a new life on earth. Psychologists have demonstrated multiple past lives which is consistent with the original early Christian teachings, Jesus’ Good News:
  • We are all fallen angels and each of us had some active or passive part in Lucifer’s bid to become king.
  • We all broke our promise to God to accept Jesus as the King of Heaven, therefore, the only way home is accept Jesus as the King of Heaven once again.
  • God is infinitely patient and He wants all his lost sheep back, event the black one (Lucifer). There will be great rejoicing when this prodigal son eventually comes home, but this is a long way in the future. 
  • God created the material world in order to provide a foolproof path for our return. We are not only given many chances to find our way home, but we have all of Heaven pulling for us. 
  • Every person on earth today is on the same road home, but we are at different points on that road. Evidence from the bible and science suggests that this road is long. It seems to require hundreds of years living on earth over many lifetimes.
  • Each life gives each of us the opportunity to learn what we need to in order to advance along the road. Sometimes we do and other time we fall back some, but His Angels are loving and patient and are there to help us along the way.
If you want to bring this viewpoint to your website, I would be happy to help.

Two worlds, two beginnings.

There cannot be two beginnings, so what do they represent and why are they so different? The one in the Old Testament speaks of a time where there is both darkness and light. The beginning in the New Testament is one of just light – no darkness.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was [a divine being]. (John 1:1 – Zwingli translation)

When reading the bible, Origen taught us to look for the spiritual meaning and separate it from the physical meaning. John’s Gospel is so much different from the other three because John wrote the spiritual meaning of Jesus’s teaching. John was Jesus’s favorite because he was the one apostle closest to Jesus spiritually and understood His spiritual references the best. Remember, Jesus only revealed Heaven to John because He felt him worthy and also enlightened enough to understand His revelations. The beginning that John speaks of happened so long ago – long before the big bang was needed. It was the time when God decided to populate Heaven and He created His Only Son to be the King of His Creation.

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. (Genesis 1:1)

The “beginning” in Genesis is the beginning of the reconciliation to God, after the Fall from grace and the expulsion of 1/3 the angels from Heaven. This was one of the many terrible images revealed to John. (Rev 12:4) Origen teaches of an unperceivably slow reconciliation of all things to God. To comprehend how slow this process is, we can look to science. God created the first opportunity for reconciliation in the spiritual world; a place called Eden in Paradise. (The same place where Jesus went after His death on the cross.) When Adam and Eve failed to remain true to Jesus (the tree of life) and again fell under the influence of Lucifer (the tree of the knowledge of good and evil), a new path needed to be created. In order to achieve the new plan, a physical world needed to be created where Adam and Eve started again to reconcile with God.

Therefore the Lord God sent him forth from the garden of Eden, to till the ground from whence he was taken. (Genesis 3:23)

The story of our reconciliation with God did not even require a new paragraph for the 13.7 billion years it took for God to create the ground for Adam to till. This gives us an idea to the monumental task that God set out upon in order to restore us, His children, to our original state of perfection. The remaining 2/3 of Heaven has worked tirelessly to bring all the Fallen home. Many have been incarnated in a human/physical body to prepare for the coming of the King Himself. In the Old Testament, these Angels sent to teach were called Prophets and Jesus called those who came after Him the Spirit of Truth.

We live in the shadows of the Spiritual World, far away from God where we have no memory from where we came. Why? So that we can prove our loyalty again to our King, Jesus. This requires faith and loyalty. Science can give us evidence of God, but never proof. Although a scientific approach to studying the bible and teachings from other spiritual sources is needed to separate God’s Word from doctrine or man’s word.

So what evidence does science provide for the construct above?

Science provides us evidence that each of us is a citizen of two worlds. We have a physical body that serves us for a limited time and a spiritual body with the same form that is immortal, transcending life. The best evidence comes from the works done on reincarnation, past lives and out of body experiences showing how the intellect and character transcends the physical body.

The big bang theory is widely accepted, but there are still significant questions.

The two world model presented by Jesus and reinforced by Origen of Alexandria resolves these big bang questions well. If the material world was created by God from the spiritual world, it would resemble the big bang described by science. And, since the universe is essential an open system, open to beings and energy from the spiritual world, it would be expanding at an accelerating rate with a continuous flow of God’s energy. So-called dark energy is simply God’s light flowing into the material world. Since the spiritual world already existed before the big bang, all the templates of life existed and Earth was populated with life as soon as it was ready to support it.