Ancient places of worship

I was asked the following question recently: “With the similarities that exist between the various temples of the earth, was there an extraterrestrial guide that helped to build them?” My answer has multiple parts to it, but the short answer is yes. I believe that certain cultures have been guided by the same extra extraterrestrial forces, albeit not from outer space, but the spiritual realm.  In modern times we often do not think about the original purpose of the various temples that were built, or to which spiritual entity they were built. The first step in the investigation needs to be a determination of the contract that was entered into, and with whom. Then after that we need to understand the mechanics of spiritual communications.

It helps to have a framework for this investigation. When my daughter started studying history in her first year of high school, I was reminded of a quote from Jacob Burckhardt “When we make a close study of history, we find that man has not learned from studying history.” So I attempted to create a framework in which she and her school could approach history based on Burckhardt’s work and I published a recommendation for a paper called “A return to the high ethic of the Ionian Ideal”. Based of Burckhardt’s recommendation, I added comparative ethics to the study of history, which does not accept Roman slavery practices as “common practice for that era” for example.

Using this framework helps to determine the type and orientation of the spiritual entity that these structures were built for; on a scale from base to benevolent. The period that I covered in my paper was one during which Athens went from a benevolent society to a pagan society. The period of benevolence ended with the death of Socrates and the fall of democracy in the capital of Greece: Athens. When he refused to bring blood scarifies to the pagan gods of the pagan Athens, he was forced to commit suicide by the new ruling majority. The key question for me is: why would this enlightened man rather die than bring a blood sacrifice to the pagan gods? In addition, it is important to discover why blood is so important. Blood is a powerful source of odic force, the energy needed to establish communications with the spiritual world. Socrates knew that benevolent beings have their own source of odic force which they can use to manifest themselves or communicate through a medium, and the only reason to use blood was to communicate with base beings. He was honored to be taught by the Muses[1] (benevolent) and knew to avoid being misled by the Nymphs (base).

The activities at the oracles of Delphi are well documented but again are hard for the modern man to understand. There are modern reference of similar practices that help to understand the process of spiritual communication. Johannes Greber’s book, “Communications with the spiritual world of God”, has a major section dedicated to the discussion of mediums, as do other sources. The only point that I wanted to make was to understand the reason for this communication. I will start by saying that a number of cultures have decided to prohibit all types of communication because the risk of being led astray is too high. This might be because there are many base entities anxious to gain control over people and use them for their own purposes. While there are only a few benevolent beings who are able to find enlightened groups willing to listen to their message, without a thirst for material gain.

[1] See Paton’s Symposium 201st. where Socrates refers to his teacher as Diotima of Mantineia which is word game pointing to the Chief of all Muses, Calliope.