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What is Origenes 2000.Org? Origenes 2000.Org is dedicated to the restoration of the teaching and reputation of the greatest Christian teacher; Origenes of Alexandria (Origen). He was branded a heretic by a true barbarian in a dark age of human history, but this stigmatism still persists in the 21st century, long after western civilizations have regained their freedoms of thought, speech and religion. We only seek to encourage and facilitate the study and open discussion of his vast work; giving the opportunity for modern man to consider his writings in the light of day, and amidst the findings of the natural sciences since Galileo rescued the sciences from the church.

Condemned by the Emperor

Origenes is still considered a heretic within the theological community and in the church, based on “The Anathematisms of the Emperor Justinian against Origen” in 543 AD which was ratified by the church at the Fifth Ecumenical Council in Constantinople in 553 AD. It is important for the modern researcher to understand the emperor’s motivation in destroying the great literary works of Origenes, before accepting the church’s verdict.

We have an open calling for papers to post on this site. We have a regular review of articles relating the discovery of the teachings of Origenes, and with the author’s permission will place them on our site. Please submit links or articles to submissions@origenes2000.org for our consideration.

With our goal of uncovering the Truth about Origenes, we attempt to present all sides of the discussion. Therefore, we provide links to other publications, not affiliated with Origenes 2000.Org that we feel broaden the scope of the investigation.

The Call from Modern Science

The discovery of Quantum Physics has opened up many questions to the validity of the view of modern science on the main questions in life: Where do we come from?, Where are we going? and Why are we here? Nobel Prize winner Erwin Schroedinger’s summarized the problem that exist in science today in his book ‘Nature and the Greeks’ and ‘Science and Humanism’. “Dropping the metaphor, it is my opinion that the philosophy of the ancient Greeks attracts us at this moment, because never before or since, anywhere in the world, has anything like their highly advanced and articulated system of knowledge and speculation been established without the fateful division which has hampered us for centuries and has become unendurable in our days. … To put it dramatically: one can imagine a scholar of the young School of Athens paying a holiday visit to Abdera (with due caution to keep it secret from his Master), and on being received by the wise, far-travelled and world-famous old gentleman Democritus, asking him questions on the atoms, on the shape of the earth, on moral conduct, God, and the immortality of the soul-without being repudiated on any of these points. Can you easily imagine such a motley conversation between a student and his teacher in our days?”

Must Read!

There is a huge volume of work to read from and about Origenes, some of which can be found on the Web Links page of this site. For a start though, we recommend reading two of his most important works:

  • Origen: De Principiis” ‘Basic Principles’ is one of the most widely discussed works of Origenes, but unfortunately it does not come to us in its original form. The linked version presents both the Latin translation and the poor Greek copy of Origenes’ work and gives the reader an idea as to what the author was trying to present.

  • “Origen, Commentary on the Gospel of John” This commentary was the pinnacle of Origenes’ work and fortunately for us, a small part of its original form is still available. The remaining fragments are published in English in two volumes which give us a taste for his logical approach to the search for the deeper spiritual meaning of the scriptures: Commentary on the Gospel According to John, Books 1-10 and Commentary on the Gospel According to John Books 13-32. Attached is an extract of Book 10 where Origenes comments on the spiritual meaning of Jesus entering Jerusalem.

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