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    Dear all,
    I would appreciate your help concerning an abstract attributed to Origen: according to it, after resurrection women will lose their sex-do you happen to know if this passage really exists?
    Thank you in advance


    A cursory study of the works of Origen available to us today could lead someone to this conclusion. In the version of De Principiis (First Principles) available to us today it says :

    “As we have remarked above, therefore, that material substance of this world, possessing a nature admitting of all possible transformations, is, when dragged down to beings of a lower order, moulded into the crasser and more solid condition of a body, so as to distinguish those visible and varying forms of the world; but when it becomes the servant of more perfect and more blessed beings, it shines in the splendour of celestial bodies, and adorns either the angels of God or the sons of the resurrection with the clothing of a spiritual body, out of all which will be filled up the diverse and varying state of the one world.” 2.2.2.

    The fact that it only states “sons of the resurrection” should be more attributed to the clerics who translated De Principiis and less to the intensions of Origen. When we examine the writings available to us today that stem from his own hand, and have not been ‘corrected’ to reflect the dogma of the church, with the prerequisites set out by Origen, we find a world that celebrates the uncorrupted soul of a woman as much (if not more than) as the uncorrupted soul of a man. For how can the One World be a “diverse and varying state” without the presence of all the virtues of women?

    “But if any one should desire to discuss these matters more fully, it will be necessary, with all reverence and fear of God, to examine the sacred Scriptures with greater attention and diligence, to ascertain whether the secret and hidden sense within them may perhaps reveal anything regarding these matters; and something may be discovered in their abstruse and mysterious language, through the demonstration of the Holy Spirit to those who are worthy, after many testimonies have been collected on this very point.” 2.2.2.

    Modern philosophy teaches the concept of being one with the One, but their perverse notion of oneness requires a loss of self. Some Origen scholars come to this conclusion, even after following Origen’s line of thought through the “Restoration of all Things”. If the Fall was a consequence of the individual misuse of the gift of Free Will, and life on Earth as men and women is the slow process of overcoming this corruption, then how can the final restored soul be any different than that which was once created by God through His Son as a perfect individuals: male and female? Put in another context, how can the One World have less diversity and wonder than this shadow in which we live?

    “Study nature in order to find hints of it Creator.” This was consistently taught throughout the history of the Ionian Greeks. The great Ionian philosopher, Socrates praises the virtues of the women in his life, and the Muses from Olympia, to the extent that he sets himself below them. Origen had an Ionian upbringing and shared the Ionian philosophy, but there is little left of his original writings to confirm this today. I am sure that his entire writings would be available to us today had he actually denounced the writings of Plato and the teachings of Socrates.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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