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    Shawn T Murphy

    Dear Mr. Steenberg, I have read your article “Origen and the Final Restoration” (http://www.monachos.net/patristics/origen_apokatastasis.shtml) with interest. I found the link to your article from the home page of http://www.theandros.com where your article is listed under “church fathers”. I am especially happy about your pro-Origen comments, but I am disappointed at your conclusions from those same comments and sightings. Being listed as a church father, I was surprised to see him being confirmed as a heretic in your article. You presented enough arguments to the contrary which would give him the benefit of the doubt. If we were able to study all of his teachings supporting each of the nine points of the anathematism issued against him by Justinian, we would be able to make the judgement for ourselves as to the validity of his heresy. Unfortunately, most all of his writings that support his teaching of these nine points have been outright destroyed or “translated” to accommodate the dogma of the emperors of Rome. We all know, from his meticulous work on the Hexapla, that he would not have made the claims of “pre-existence of the soul” and “apokatastasis of the demons” without solid reasoning. That this reasoning did not survive aftermath of he being declared a heretic is a tragedy. I ask you to please reconsider the conclusion in your paper, based on my end-noted comments and based on the paper from Edward Moore. Best regards, Shawn Murphy


    Dear Mr. Murphy, I attach to this e-mail an MS Word document containing a few thoughts in response to your comments on my article. With best regards, M.C. Steenberg University of Oxford


    Dear Mr. Steenberg, I have enclosed a letter that addresses your concerns about my biblical interpretations. I hope you find it interesting. I have also included the second draft of the paper that I will be presenting in Liverpool this June. It explains the basis of my thesis as a healthy spiritual interpretation of the inspired writings that we have access to today. I understand that it apposes all mainstream theological interpretations. Now that the inquisition has no power, it is time to critically look at the teachings were destroyed by it. We need to either embrace them as being theoretically possible, or reject them as not plausible; but they need to be discussed without prejudice in order to open up a health dialog between all to the religions of the world and the scientific community. Because it is here that God’s ethical Laws are desperately needed to help guide both research and the use of the products of research. Have a happy and holy holiday season!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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