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    Shawn T Murphy

    Dr. Ian Stevenson’s work has been very important in showing the world that science can take non-materialist concepts seriously. Since Galileo, the natural sciences have been ripped out of the hands of the church, but something was left behind. It is now time for the sciences to embrace that which they cannot see! We need to return to the times of holistic thinking which existed before the church. The Ionian Greeks http://www.origenes2000.org/PDF/areturntothehighethic.pdf had a philosophy that accepted reincarnation and the spiritual world in harmony with mathematics, geometry and logic.

    Dr. Stevenson examines a relatively small subset of reincarnations; being violent deaths followed quickly by a new incarnation. From these we learn some of the spiritual laws. We know from Dr. Edward Bach and others that the health of the spiritual body affects the physical body and Dr. Stevenson gives us concrete examples of this phenomenon. The discarnate spiritual body of someone dying from a violent death is going to take a long time to heal properly for a very earth-bound spirit. This effect diminishes with time and with the level of divinity of the spirit, which is consistent with Dr. Stevenson’s findings.

    Another spiritual law we discover from this research is that in general children have the greatest level of spiritual awareness (mediumship) and lose it as they get older. You can look at it this way: their spirit has just come from the spiritual world and they have not yet been hardened to by the material world, thus they still have a close relationship to it. This “hardening” occurs the strongest in western cultures and weakest in the remaining natural cultures. It is not uncommon for all young children to see things and to hear things that their parents cannot.

    His documentation of reincarnation cases has brought strong evidence that the scientific community should take reincarnation into their “realm of possibilities”. It makes me sick how much of a hold the pharmaceuticals have over the illnesses that I named in my paper. I have a niece was treated with Paxil at the age of 12 for anxiety. She is now a 16 year old suffering from anxiety, addicted to Paxil and overweight.

    Until the medical community takes reincarnation and the existence of discarnate spirits seriously, they will go on imprisoning these poor souls in a doped-up body and do nothing to get at the root-spiritual causes to their disease. That is what is exciting about Dr. Stevenson work. If his subjects are bringing physical scars into their new life, what kind of emotional scars are the rest of us bringing? We must recognize the possibility of these scars in order to start learning how to treat them.

    The spirits Dr. Stevenson encountered in his work still only represented a small subset of the discarnate spirits. When their body dies, the majority submit to the divine order and tend to not come back for over 200 years. To find out about these, we must look to different sources.

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